The Danish Royal Family is the Danish Royal Family of Denmark. From the Queen to Prince Henrik. All the details of the Family from Margrethe's birth to the present. The Danish Royal Family is one of the most interesting families.

Danish Royal Family
Danish Royal Monogram

HM The Queen

HRH The Prince Consort

  • HM The Queen - Margrethe II
  • HRH Prince Consort - Prince Henrik (Margrethe's Husband)
  • HRH The Crown Prince - Prince Frederik (The Queen's first son)
  • HRH The Crown Princess - Princess Mary (The Queen's daughter-in-law)
  • HRH Prince Christian (Mary and Frederik's First Child)
  • HRH Princess Isabella (Mary and Frederik's First Daughter)
  • HRH Prince Vincent (Mary and Frederik's Second Son and First Twin)
  • HRH Princess Josephine (Mary and Frederik's Second Daughter and Second Twin)
  • HRH Prince Joachim (The Queen's Second Son)
  • Princess Alexandra (The Queen's Former Daughter-in-law)
  • HRH Princess Marie (The Queen's Daughter-in-law)
  • HH Prince Nikolai (Joachim's First Son)
  • HH Prince Felix (Joachim's Second Son)
  • HH Prince Henrik (Joachim's Third Son and Marie's First Child)

Current and Former MembersEdit